New Music from Lykke Li (Kinda)

(Photographer Roger Deccker via Facebook)


Lykke Li posted a song she recorded with fellow Swedes, Deportees to her Facebook page a few weeks ago. “A New Name To Go By” is delightful.

Steel drums and Lykke Li’s sleepy vocals.

Makes me think of sleeping on the beach.

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Athens, Georgia-based band Reptar (yes, like the Rugrats cartoon-within-a-cartoon) has dropped their lead single: “Sebastian.” I can’t stop listening. I really can’t.

 I’m not exactly sure what’s being sung in more than half of it—but goddamn is it good! And it’s perfect for this snap of warm weather, no?

Apparently*, the song is named after a saint who became a gay icon and it’s supposed to be about “experiencing, and then remembering a sexual awakening with a close friend.” I didn’t get that but, okay…


Their first album Body Faucet is available on 1 May. Are you going to pick it up?

*We have insider information, NBD.

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Alphabeat Wants You to Take a “Vacation”!

Danish pop act Alphabeat have just released their latest single “Vacation” and it’s coming at you like a beachball of sunshine. Make sure you’ve got some SPF!


It’s the sonic equivalent of a LGBTQ cruise, no? (Which makes sense given that they supported Lady Gaga in Europe.) All aboard!

If you’re unfamiliar with these soulful-sounding Scandinavians be sure to check out “The Spell”:

and “DJ (I Could Be Dancing)”:

We’re hoping for an interview. We’ll keep you posted!

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New Material From Marina and the Diamonds!


In just a few months Marina and the Diamonds’ sophomore effort Electra Heart will be upon us. We know she’s playing with the idea of archetypes. In this single, the first official release, we’re to believe she’s a ♡ H O M E W R E C K E R ♡— “breakin’ hearts just for fun.”  But why else?

Have a listen:

The start of the soundtrack to “happy never after” sounds good to me. Check out the track list!

  1. Bubblegum Bitch
  2. Primadonna
  3. Lies
  4. Homewrecker
  5. Starring Role
  6. The State of Dreaming
  7. Power & Control
  8. Living Dead
  9. Teen Idle
  10. Valley of the Dolls
  11. Hypocrates
  12. Fear & Loathing

Are you looking forward to Electra Heart?

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Currently Streaming: Chairlift’s New Album!


Chairlift released several songs in 2011 whetting our appetite for more. We were happy to hear the precious few knowing their sophomore effort Something wasn’t out until 24 January.  But now we can preview the ENTIRE album a whole week before it drops! 

You can listen to and fall in love with the most sublimely bizarre 80s pop songs that just happen to have been written in the aughties. Surf music on Saturn or something… Seriously sexy, too. Something is certainly the best thing to happen on this planet in several million light years.

It’s all thanks to the good people at KCRW radio! <———- Follow the link to stream your day week away.

Here’s the complete track list (our recommendations are in bold):

1) Sidewalk Safari

2) Wrong Opinion

3) I Belong In Your Arms

4) Take It Out On Me

5) Ghost Tonight

6) Cool As Fire

7) Amanaemonesia

8) Met Before

9) Frigid Spring

10) Turning

11) Guilty

Notice anything?

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